Diamond Logic®

Offering nearly 200 available body integration and driver efficiency features, the innovative and customizable Diamond Logic® electrical system maximizes productivity, safety and performance.

Remote Diagnostics. Reinvented.

The first of its kind, OnCommand™ Connection keeps you in the know and your fleet on the road with innovative remote diagnostics that relay real-time truck performance monitoring, alerts, health reports and even action plans.

Engineered for Power.

You’ve got a job to do and a choice of engines to get it done. Tailor to your power requirements with the 370-600 horsepower options offered by the Navistar N13 or Cummins ISX15 engines.

Over-The-Air Programming

Allows two-way engine communication and secure wireless engine reprogramming to optimize the performance of your vehicle, all while reducing service trips and downtime.




Worry-Free Chassis Strength.

Think about your job, not your truck. Tackle severe duty with a nearly indestructible huck-bolted chassis that boasts a 40 percent greater clamping load than a standard configuration. Even better, the bolts won’t loosen, letting you cross one more maintenance item off your list.

Customize Your Frame.

Over the road or on the construction site, you deserve a truck that meets your specific needs. Choose from a wide range of rails up to 4.87 million RBM, with options that include a single 10″ or 12″ frame, a double 10″ or 12″ frame or a 12 1⁄4″ frame with available 7-piece cross-member.

The Right Tool, Every Time.

When the going gets rough, this truck delivers the way out. A variety of components including integrated front and rear tow loops, two real tow hooks, two frame-mounted recover shackles and a tow pin with up to 150K capacity keep you ready for whatever the day may bring.

Driver Satisfaction


Keep Moving.

The sloped hood and broad windshield create outstanding visibility, while the 40-degree wheel cut makes for excellent maneuverability. Plus standard dual steering gears for on/off highway conditions, reduces steering effort regardless of load or terrain.

The Best Seat In the House.

Climb in. Settle in. The Whisper Cab insulation package minimizes exterior noise and vibration while superior climate control keeps you cool under pressure. Combined with available cab air suspension, your ride is smooth and quiet, greatly reducing fatigue and maximizing productivity.