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LT Series

Unparalleled Driver Appeal

  • A redesigned one-piece side window affords the driver a learer line of sight.
  • A column-mounted gear shifter allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road.
  • Standard LED headlamps improve night vision.
  • A more powerful HVAC system delivers better defrosting and demisting.
  • An all-new interior offers an improved ergonomic design, including better elbow room, hip room and legroom.
  • Armrest height was adjusted and the opening angle of the door was increased to improve entry and exit of the vehicle.
  • The all-new premium gauge cluster

Offers monitoring of real-time fuel economy and provides other important alerts in clear sight.

  • Switches are grouped by frequency of use to make them more intuitive to find.
  • New displays assure every instrument is readable in any type of lighting.
  • Horn cord was relocated back to its traditional, intuitive position.
  • Bendix® Wingman® Advantage™ Collision Mitigation comes standard.


Unrivaled Fuel Efficiency

Upgraded aerodynamic features on the new International® LT™ Series include:

  • Longer side extenders that shorten the trailer gap.
  • Aero-contoured hood, fender, wheel opening and chassis skirts.
  • Enhanced three-piece front bumper.
  • The LT Series achieves up to a 7%improvement in fuel efficiency.

Best-in-Class Uptime

  • New LED headlamps and fog lamps deliver brighter light and intensity.
  • Tough new polycarbonite headlight lenses protect against breakage.
  • Cab wiring includes all-new harnessing and an in-cab power distribution module that is inside the truck, away from the elements.
  • A new single canister after-treatment system is up to 60% smaller and 40% lighter.
  • After-treatment system is also simplified for quicker servicing.

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