Why Choose Kyrish Truck Centers for All Makes Truck Parts in Texas?

Why Choose Kyrish Truck Centers for All Makes Truck Parts in Texas?

When you need repairs on your medium or heavy-duty trucks in Texas, it’s not always easy to find parts. For example, the average auto parts store doesn’t carry what you need, or they have limited stock. You can check online sources but it may take a week to get your parts, and they might not come from OEM sources. When you go to Kyrish Truck Centers in Texas for all makes truck parts, you came to the right place, and here is why.

Huge Inventory

Some part sources keep their most popular truck parts on hand, and for only select models. When you go there, they might have what you want, but chances are they’ll have to order the part, or they don’t even carry it. When you use Kyrish Truck Centers for your all makes truck parts in Texas; you have access to an inventory worth five million dollars. If for some reason, your part isn’t in our stock, we’ll do everything we can to get it for you. We can even ship it to you overnight, so your trucks don’t have to sit for long periods, waiting for repairs.

Wide Range of Selections

Do you need brake pads or rotors? Maybe you want fuel injector parts or ignition or electrical components. We have all kinds of parts for most makes and models. You won’t have to go to one place for brake parts and another place for starters or alternators. We are your one stop shop.


Maybe you don’t have the time or the resources to make all your repairs. That’s not a problem when you choose Kyrish Truck Centers. Besides selling all makes truck parts in Texas, we also offer expert service from highly trained and certified technicians. Go to our contact page today to find a center near you.


Should You Buy a Single Axle Dump Truck?

Tips for Buying a Used Medium Duty Truck

A dump truck is one of the handiest tools a Texas business can own. When you come to Kyrish Truck Centers, you’ll find some great deals on new or used dumps. Some have single rear axles, and others come with tandem (double) axles. Which one is best for your needs? Let’s look at this issue a little closer.

Why Just One Axle?

The main reason for having more than a single rear axle involves weight. You’re only allowed to haul so much material for each rear axle the truck has. If your capacities are not more than a single axle vehicle, you’re better off buying one and here is why:

  • Maintenance – it’s easier to maintain 6 tires and wheels as opposed to 10. With a tandem axle vehicle, you have four more tires to keep inflated and replace when it’s time for new tires. You also have more drive line components and an extra differential to maintain.
  • Handling – maneuver two axles is sometimes easier than three.
  • Fuel Efficiency – a tandem axle dump truck is heavier than most single axle trucks. A lighter vehicle gives you better fuel economy. If you put many miles per day on your trucks in Texas, this can save a lot of money on gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • Cost – a single axle vehicle costs less than a tandem axle truck. However, if you shop used trucks, prices can vary and may not matter as much.

Tandem Axle Trucks

For heavy-duty hauling, a tandem axle dump truck is the best choice for your Texas business. It’s easier to haul heavy loads and towing is usually easier because these trucks have larger engines and extra heavy-duty transmissions. For a great deal on an affordable new or used dump truck in Texas, visit a Kyrish Truck Center nearest your city.


Commercial Truck Leasing and the Benefits of Telematics

Commercial Truck Leasing and the Benefits of Telematics

Commercial truck leasing in Texas is simple and uncomplicated when you come to Kyrish Truck Centers. We show you just how easy leasing a truck or an entire fleet is with Idealease. In fact, you have several important benefits like telematics, and here is more about this service.

What is Telematics?

Telematics is a communication system capable of transmitting data over long distances. In fleet management, telematics uses GPS and computer technology to give you important data on all your trucks. At Kyrish Truck Centers, we offer CyntrX fleet tracking with our commercial truck leasing services in Texas, and it connects to a remote diagnostic center called OnCommand from Navistar. It allows you to check your fleet through a customer portal.

CyntrX has years of successful service behind it. In fact, it started 15 years ago and provided real-time GPS tracking information on your trucks. Here are some of the good things it has to offer:

  • See speed, direction of travel, and exact location of all your trucks
  • Arrival and departure alerts
  • Fuel usage analysis to get better fuel mileage
  • See speed, direction of travel, and exact location of all your trucks
  • Fuel tank info lets you know how much fuel is left in the tank
  • Fuel tax calculator eliminates human error
  • Monitor driver activity like shifting, idling, and cruising
  • Inspection reports

Why Monitor Your Fleet?

With high-tech fleet monitoring, you can keep track of your trucks and help them avoid problems down the road. For example, when a driver takes an alternate route he can avoid a road construction or other sources of traffic jams. This saves time and fuel. Route planning is more effective when you can make last-minute changes for efficiency.

The Benefits of Leasing Your Fleet

The Benefits of Leasing Your Fleet

If your business has its own trucking fleet, you have many important business advantages. You cut out the middleman (freight services), and this not only saves money, but it also creates a more efficient operation. However, a fleet of trucks needs constant management and supervision, and you’ll enjoy many advantages when you visit a truck leasing company in Texas like Kyrish Truck Centers. Here are some good reasons why.

Ownership Transition

If you own a fleet of trucks, leasing is not as hard as you may think. In fact, many companies don’t consider the benefits of leasing because they already own their trucks. Changing over is simple when you contact a truck leasing company in Texas like Kyrish Truck Centers because we can help you with the entire process.

Thanks to our ownership transition program you can check out our acquisition analysis software. It shows you how much you can save when you change from owning to leasing your trucks. We will buy your fleet and give you the best possible leasing agreement. How can this strategy save your company money? Here’s how:

  • New trucks – enjoy the benefits of a fleet of new trucks.
  • Lease your previous fleet – with this option, we buy your vehicles, and then you lease them from us.
  • Regular maintenance – you’ll have fewer downtime issues when you have a good preventative maintenance program.

More Benefits

Most companies have more trucks than they need because they want vehicles on standby. When you use the right truck leasing company in Texas, you don’t need to worry about standby trucks. With our program, you can get by with as many as 30 percent fewer trucks, and this lowers your operating costs and simplifies fleet management. In fact, you can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated fleet supervisor when you choose our Idealease option.

Hino Trucks: The Fastest Growing Line of Medium Duty Trucks in America

Hino Trucks: The Fastest Growing Line of Medium Duty Trucks in America

Kyrish Truck Centers proudly offers the best prices on Hino trucks in Texas. Hino is one of the fastest growing medium duty truck manufacturers! Commercial Hino trucks for sale in Texas will enable you to cut your fuel costs by 25% and give your business a competitive edge over your competition.

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Isuzu Commercial Trucks: Functional and Affordable


Isuzu Commercial Trucks: Functional and Affordable

If you are looking for a commercial truck that is built for versatility and low cost-of-operation, Isuzu is right for you. In San Antonio, Kyrish is your best choice for all Isuzu truck sales and leases. Whatever vehicle you choose to buy or lease from us, we give you access to some of the best technicians in the industry.

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Texas’s Leaders For International Heavy Duty Truck


Affordable Truck Parts Offered by Kyrish Truck Centers

Make the economical choice of buying international truck parts, heavy duty truck parts, and medium duty truck parts from experts in the industry to save time and money. International heavy duty trucks for sale at Kyrish Truck Centers. If your company is looking to buy or lease an international heavy duty truck, looking for international heavy duty truck parts, scoping new international truck inventories, or considering new international trucks for sale, you have come to the right dealership.

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Commercial Truck Leasing You Can Depend on!


Commercial Truck Leasing You Can Depend on!

Kyrish Truck Centers has been leasing quality commercial trucks since 1976. We are a truck leasing company in Texas that you can depend on! With an Idealease Full Service Lease, you get industry-leading vehicles that are backed by superior maintenance and services like 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

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5 Success Tips for Owner/Operators

5 Success Tips for Owner/Operators

When you own a good International heavy duty truck and trucking is your business, you have a kind of freedom in Texas that few people enjoy. However, this profession comes with a lot of responsibilities, and it’s easy to make mistakes if you have little experience. Here are five things you can do to increase your chances for success as an owner/operator.

1. Try it Out First

While you drive for a company, keep track of everything you do. Include miles, fuel mileage, repairs, and maintenance. This gives you a good idea of what you can expect when you own your rig.

2. Start with a Used Rig from a Reputable Truck Dealer

You can find some excellent deals on an International heavy duty truck from a dealership like Kyrish Truck Centers. In fact, we have models like the ProStar and 4300 which are affordably priced. You are sure to find what you want because we have 12 locations in Southeast Texas to serve you. When you need parts or service, our ASE certified mechanics are here for you.

3. Start a Maintenance Fund

You never know when you’ll need a tire or unexpected repairs. As you drive over the road, many things can happen, and you need to prepare your business for sudden expenses. Start out with a few thousand dollars in a separate account and put a percentage of your profits into it.

4. Work on Long-Term Business Relationships

As an owner/operator, you can work for many carriers. However, choose each carrier carefully, so you won’t have to keep changing all the time. When you find a good carrier, you’ll have fewer problems.

5. Keep Your Trucks in Good Condition

Even a well-made International heavy duty truck needs proper maintenance in Texas. Go with a trusted dealer like Kyrish Truck Centers with experienced staff and a reputation for service excellence.

Common Misconceptions about Diesel Engines

Common Misconceptions about Diesel Engines

During cold weather, you may see a new or used heavy duty truck in Texas sitting and running, but is that a good thing? Are diesel engines supposed to idle for long periods of time? Let’s explore this question and several more, to expose some common myths and misconceptions.

1. Diesel motors are hard to start in cold weather so you should let them idle all night.

Many years ago, large diesel trucks used heavy motor oils, and the fuel turned into a gel when it got cold. If these trucks sat for long periods in the cold, even in Southern Texas, they might not start. However, today’s technology produces better fuel, lubricants, batteries, and cold weather hard-starting problems no longer exist. Many people still believe you have to let big trucks idle in the cold.

2. A large truck doesn’t burn much fuel when it idles?

Many people still believe this myth because they used to see so many big rigs idling at truck stops and waiting for loads at the dock. They figured truckers must have a good reason for idling or so many truckers wouldn’t do this if it burned too much fuel. According to the New Mexico Environmental Department, diesel engines use about one gallon of fuel per hour as they sit and idle.

3. Diesel Engines Need Long Warm-Up Periods

Some drivers in Texas let a used heavy duty truck warm up for five minutes or longer, but this is not necessary. Since modern diesel fuel does not gel, long warm-ups are not needed. In fact, most manufacturers recommend no longer than three minutes warm-up time.

Idling for long periods places a great deal of wear and tear on your engine. When you need parts or service for your used heavy duty truck in Texas, Kyrish Truck Centers have what you need.