5 Reasons Recent College Grads and Kyrish Truck Centers Are a Perfect Match

Finding your first job out of college can often be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Driving the long and winding highway of job searching can sometimes lead to dead ends and feeling more lost than trying to navigate through an unfamiliar town with your phone’s GPS out of whack.

There’s also the classic career-starting chicken-and-the-egg problem: Some companies only hire people that already possess work experience, but how can you attain work experience if a company doesn’t hire you for your first full-time gig?

Thankfully for recent graduates in Texas-based markets like Austin, Houston, San Antonio and more, there’s a family-owned business ready to provide you with opportunities to learn, grow and maximize your potential alongside a nurturing team that deeply cares about your success.


Kyrish Truck Centers’ Proven Success

Kyrish Truck Centers has been one of the country’s preeminent commercial truck providers for over 40 years. From truck parts to professional services, the company located right in your backyard has grown its business by leaps and bounds while always keeping family and the surrounding communities top of mind.

This proven success provides recent college grads with the security of knowing the company is firmly entrenched in the trucking industry, which means company stability from both a cultural and financial perspective. The equals a fun and engaging work environment that also enables you to have a little extra change rattling around in your pockets for extracurricular activities.


Current Employees Love It Here

It’s one thing to hear a company tell you how great they are to work for, but it’s quite another to hear it directly from successful professionals currently thriving there.

“I was once a vendor selling truck equipment and from that perspective you see the internal workings of a company: how they treat you as a vendor, as a partner and also how they treat their customers,” said a manager with 15 years of experience. “It was how they treated customers that attracted me compared to competing companies.”

Another employee who has been with the company for seven-plus years after graduating from Baylor talked about what impressed him during the interview process.

“I really liked the vision that owners Duane, Wayne and Ed Kyrish had for the next generation of employees. Also, the evidence of the hard work put into the company that allowed the business to grow into an extremely competitive dealer group in the marketplace was impressive.”


Opportunities Galore

One of the bigger challenges you might be facing is determining what you want to do with your career and with whom you want to figure that out with.

“There are a lot of different opportunities within the organization,” the 15-year veteran said. “Sometimes recent graduates think they know what they want to do, but once they get into a certain position, it’s not what they thought it would be or they don’t enjoy it. If that’s the case, oftentimes there’s another position that is a better fit for both parties. For instance, a mechanic may find they fit better in the parts department, or a parts salesperson fits better in new or used truck sales.”


Business is Boomin’

Not only can Kyrish give you opportunities that provide nice symmetry between your skill set and what the company needs to continue thriving, but also it’s entrenched in a critically important industry that drives the economy both here and abroad.

“Transportation and logistics are an integral industry for the American and worldwide economy,” said the Baylor graduate. “The industry as a whole is undergoing changes that make for an exciting future – one that in the coming times will be very impactful in how people conduct business. Being a partner and vendor to some of the largest fleets in the country puts us right at the forefront of these fun and exciting times.”


Family Atmosphere and the Need for your Skill Set

When additional employees at the company were asked why they love working for Kyrish Truck Centers, one answered, “It’s a family-owned business that’s very forthright and has an open-door policy.”Another employee commented on why the company is always looking for new and young talent.
“A dealership business model can be very successful, and, like all business models, an intelligent and driven workforce can help push a good company into a great company. We have great employees, but there will always be a need for additional good and strong people.”

“We have built our business by seeking out quality prospects,” said owner Duane Kyrish. “Just as a football team can use an athlete at a variety of positions, quality people can grow into new ad rewarding roles. Don’t let the ‘family business’ comment dissuade you. We are large enough to offer real career opportunities to the right players.”