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International School Bus Sales and All Makes Bus Repair Service in Houston, TX

At Longhorn Bus Sales in the Houston, TX area, we sell the best buses available, International Buses, plus provide school bus electrical and mechanical repair and servicing. We also provide maintenance services to maintain your school bus fleet and carry all possible parts your school bus may need.

International School Buses for Sale

International Buses are known for their superior quality, safety, connected technology and more. Regardless of whether you are shopping for one school bus or an entire fleet, you expect your school bus purchase to pay off in terms of reliability and cost over the long term. At Longhorn Bus, our bus sales team is ready to assist you in making the best decisions for your Texas school district. Our inventory of International school buses for sale has undergone comprehensive inspection and maintenance to ensure they serve as a dependable means of transportation for your specific requirements.

School Bus Repair Shop

The package of services we offer for school bus repair include AC repair and installation, bus engine repair, DPF filter cleaning, front and rear axle alignment, brake repair, DOT truck inspection, and more. Regardless of the complexity of the repair issue involved, our highly skilled team of ASE certified mechanics can have your bus repaired and back on the road in short order.

The bus repair service we offer in the Houston, TX area includes contract maintenance help to keep your buses in exceptional condition all year long. With the scheduled maintenance program for one or more buses in your fleet, you can help prevent the need for more expensive repair issues in the future.

School Bus Parts

Our school bus parts department is an integral part of our business and the service we provide our customers. With our extensive inventory which consists of all major brands and hard to find items, we can do what every bus owner needs in terms of business – get their bus back on the road.

Whether you are looking for a single school bus for sale, a larger fleet of school buses, or reliable bus parts and bus service repair near Houston, TX, we have you covered.

For more information about our school bus sale and repair services, call us today at 800-392-5356  or complete our contact form.