Mobile Service

Because You Have Customers Too


Is downtime for vehicle service and repairs impacting the service you provide to your customers?

Today every resource and every minute counts! With Idealease Mobile Service you can schedule service when your vehicles are not operating— during off hours or on weekends—at your location.


Our fully equipped and stocked Mobile Service vehicles and expert service technicians bring the best routine and Preventive Maintenance service in the commercial truck industry to you. Idealease Mobile Service trucks go where and when you need them to keep your vehicles on the road, and your customers satisfied with your service.

Idealease Mobile Service Features:

Highly Skilled Service Technicians

Mobile Service units are operated by highly skilled and factory-trained technicians who have the knowledge, equipment, and parts to conduct thorough vehicle inspections, perform Preventive Maintenance, and complete minor repairs on site. The Mobile Service technician becomes an extension of your operation—working hand-in-hand with you to maximize vehicle uptime and reduce costs.

Fully Equipped And Stocked Service Vehicles

Each Mobile Service vehicle includes basic features that make it versatile and capable of supporting a wide variety of maintenance and repairs.

Up To 80% Of Routine Maintenance & Repairs On Site

Idealease Mobile Service technicians can perform up to 80% of all maintenance procedures on site. This saves you time, fuel, and driver costs associated with shuttling trucks to and from a repair facility.

Environmentally Safe

Idealease Mobile Service vehicles are built to be environmentally safe with quick connects and an oil evacuation system that transfers oil directly from the engine to a secured waste oil tank.

Today, Every Resource And Every Minute Count!

How Can You Reduce Operating Costs, Improve Vehicle Uptime And Optimize Your Drivers’ Hours Of Operation?

With Idealease Mobile Service you can schedule service when your vehicles are not operating—during off hours or on weekends—at your location. Mobile Service reduces vehicle downtime, driver downtime, and fuel expense.

Mobile Service also improves the use of your drivers’ available hours of service because they are not moving the vehicle to and from a separate service location.

Idealease Mobile Service is one of the premier services offered by Idealease through its more than 430 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. An Idealease Account Manager can help you consider all the factors and calculate the savings your business will experience by using Idealease Mobile Service.

Time is money. You can rely on our expert Mobile Service technicians to provide commercial truck maintenance and repairs that keep your vehicles running smoothly, allowing you to focus even more attention on serving your customers and growing your business.

Contact your local Idealease Account Manager to learn more or visit us online www.Idealease.com.