Save Lives With Crash Attenuators

Anyone that works in road construction knows the danger of working so close to moving vehicles. Whether it is distracted driving, drunk driving, or an honest mistake, an incoming vehicle going highway speeds can easily permanently injure or kill crewmembers in its line of travel. For the safety of your crew, it is advisable that all highway construction projects incorporate crash attenuators, also known as traffic control trucks.

Crash attenuators are traffic control trucks with a custom installed cushion on the back, designed to take most of the impact of an incoming crash. These are oftentimes also used to display merge arrows or other LED signs, and can be installed easily onto any 26,000 GVWR or greater chassis. If you are in the Texas area and looking for a crash attenuator truck to buy or rent, Kyrish Truck Centers has you covered. We offer crash attenuator trucks that are crash rated up to 65 mph, meeting all federal and state regulations for impact, along with work zone safety requirements.

At Kyrish Truck Centers, we have years of experience selling, renting, and leasing high quality commercial trucks. From cherry pickers to sleeper cabs—we have the new and used inventory perfect for workers in a variety of industries. Additionally, our Idealease program can help you get your equipment for long term projects, without the commitment of ownership. If you are in the Texas area looking for a crash attenuator for sale or as a rental, Kyrish Truck Centers will be happy to help.