Accelerated Service

What is Accelerated Service?

Accelerated Service is an advanced diagnosis and communication process that satisfies our customer’s demand for uptime and improves service efficiency.

Accelerated Service contains the following elements:


Kyrish Truck Centers is a dealer who participates in the Accelerated Service program and therefore we strive to complete a write-up within 15 minutes of vehicle arrival. This is important as it makes Navistar aware that the vehicle is in for service and kicks off Navistar support activities.


Upon arrival a diagnostic technician will evaluate the vehicle within 2 hours. This determines if the repair is something quick or something that requires extended repair time.

Parts Availability

During the evaluation, parts requirements and availability are determined to facilitate an expedited and efficient repair process.


After evaluating the repair and determining parts the customer is updated within the 2-hour window. This allows the customer to make business decisions based on expected vehicle down time.


Kyrish Truck Center locations are constantly monitored by International Trucks to ensure uptime promises are being met.

Accelerated Service Implementation

At Kyrish Truck Centers we have a dedicated lane just for our Accelerated Service customers with Service Advisors and a triage Technicians co-located in our truck check area ready to answer your questions and create an informative estimate. All of our dedicated triage technicians have over 5+ years of experience and master/diamond certification plus deep product knowledge to identify and route repairs based on difficulty.

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