Family Work Culture


Kyrish Truck Centers: You’re More Than Just An Employee; You’re Family

At Kyrish Truck Centers, “Family comes first.”


That’s what current employees say time and again about one of the country’s leading commercial truck providers for the past 40-plus years. With nine locations strategically placed throughout Texas – including Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi – the company that also prides itself on a deep and comprehensive inventory of truck parts and professional services fully understands the importance of making all of its employees feel a part of the Kyrish family.


Just how pervasive is the family culture at Kyrish? When asked to talk a little about the company’s family culture and how it goes above and beyond to support its employees, one manager said, “In the past, I personally have had some family emergencies come up. When I discussed them with the company, all they said was, ‘Go take care of your family.’ This type of nurturing and positive environment has had a very profound and positive impact on me and my family.”


When presented with the same question regarding family culture, an employee with seven years of experience said, “The average time that our personnel in upper management have spent with the company speaks volumes about our family culture. Kyrish Truck Centers likes to promote from within, which helps create long-term relationships.”


Kyrish believes strongly in a family-first culture because an unbreakable bond among kin is how the company began and continues to thrive even today.


The Kyrish family has worked tirelessly to lead the nation in commercial trucks, parts and services since patriarch Ed Kyrish purchased the company back in 1976. Keeping it all in the family, the company continues to thrive under the guidance of sons Duane and Wayne Kyrish.

Family Culture

Kyrish has said time and again that it’s committed to current and future employees eager to join the exciting journey of providing the very best customer service possible.


And one of the best ways to provide the most impressive customer service in the trucking industry is to take care of its own employees first. That includes boundless opportunities and employees grateful for the opportunity to shine under the direction of experienced industry veterans.


“I have been given a great opportunity with Kyrish Truck Centers,” a Baylor graduate employed by the company said. “I’ve been given time to grow, learn and I’m very fortunate to be with the company.”


Another manager echoed these latter sentiments.


“I feel very fortunate to work at Kyrish Truck Centers and the culture it provides. We’re a privately held company, which enables us to enjoy long-term planning. We’re not bound to quarterly reports, and this allows our owners to use their long-term vision to dictate our culture. This can be especially beneficial to new employees who are given time to grow into their new positions.”

Community is Family Too

Not only does Kyrish Truck Centers care genuinely and passionately about its employees, but also its community as well.


Never was this more evident than in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc upon the state. As the relentless rains, winds and flooding made everything from shelter to warm food a coveted commodity, Kyrish worked day and night to assist its own hard-working employees and the community at large.


When all was said and done, Kyrish Truck Centers raised and dispersed over $140,000 to displaced employees, arranged for 30,000 pounds of meat to be delivered all the way from Florida to an exhausted and hungry community and even provided a make-shift shelter at its Houston location to house over 40 local residents whose homes were under water.


If a company works this hard during one of the worst natural disasters in state history, imagine the support each and every employee receives on a daily basis.

Career Opportunities as Vast as a Texas Skyline

Sam Houston once famously pronounced, “A leader is someone who helps improve the lives of other people or improve the system they live under.”


The American solider and Texas governor could have just as easily been speaking about the support and guidance provided by leaders within the company. Never is this more critical than helping employees maximize their talents and skills.


Kyrish Truck Centers has a vast array of career opportunities for everyone from recent college graduates to experienced veterans excited to work their way to upper management.


What can new hires of all backgrounds and experience levels expect?


“The working environment is very positive, which to me is paramount. It’s a family-owned and operated business, and we’re very family-oriented,” stated a manager with 15 years of experience with the trucking leader.


Another manager put it best.


“It’s a great company with tremendous upside and future opportunities. Join the team!”