FAQs for Medium Duty Truck

What is considered a medium duty truck?

There is some variance here. Medium duty trucks are those that are considered Class 6 or Class 7 vehicles. These vehicles have a gross vehicle weight rating that ranges from 19,501 up to 33,000 pounds. Most of the time, this type of truck is used for lighter duty tasks, but are often used in construction.

What do medium duty trucks typically carry?

These types of trucks still provide a significant amount of versatility. They are often used for delivery as well as hauling. It is possible to use them to pull trailers as well. Most of the time, they are the most flexible trucks because they do not require a commercial driver’s license to operate them. However, they have limited towing ability at this size.

How much do medium duty trucks cost?

The cost of any medium duty truck will depend on many features. This type of vehicle is ideal for both work- and non-work-related tasks, which means there are many types of vehicles that fall into this area. You will find these costs are influenced by factors such as size and make and model. Prices tend to be under $100,000, but there is a lot of range here.

Where to rent a medium duty truck?

It is possible to rent a medium duty truck. Our team would be happy to help you learn about the options in your area. Renting these trucks tends to be rather accessible since they do not require a CDL.