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International dealers and trusted advisors help customers plan, execute, and optimize zero-emission vehicles and investments for the entire lifecycle. We design scalable, end-to-end solutions around your specific needs.

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Our EV Roadmap: Your path to a seamless transition

Introducing the revolutionary International® Electric MV™ series, specifically designed to be just what you need for your fleet – because we thought about more than the vehicle itself. We thought about the entire ecosystem


Find the best way forward.

Our discovery workshops dive into your fleet’s electrification needs and concerns, building a customized EV roadmap for success.


Laying the groundwork.

We assess the placement of hardware and infrastructure, finding the best ways to support your vehicle charging and uptime.


Bringing it all together.

We ensure your charging locations, staff, and remote diagnostics are prepared for your electric fleet to hit the road.​


Innovation and proven technology come together to fuel powerful zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) solutions for our customers, dealers and partners.

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Kyrish wants to answer all your questions about zero emissions.


International dealers and trusted advisors are ready to help fleets of all sizes develop a fully integrated and scalable zero emissions strategy. The consulting process includes the evaluation of requirements, and efficiencies, route simulations, and education on all available funding sources, grants, and tax incentives. Start the journey to electric by connecting with one of our advisors today.

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Building out a charging solution that’s appropriate for today but flexible enough to grow as you grow, can be a complicated process. We’re here to make that process as smooth as possible by working side-by-side through site planning and engineering, AC and DC charger installation, site management, equipment certification and financing for both vehicles and infrastructure.

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Once your charging equipment is installed and ready to get to work, we’ll be on hand to make sure your team is fully trained on the systems and process that can ensure the best possible results. This includes safety training, maintenance and the use of digital remote diagnostic tools that can significantly boost uptime and lower costs.

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You can find additional answers in at Internationals FAQs.  For any other questions, our team is happy to help. Just contact us by email or using this phone number:

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Why Choose International for Zero Emissions?

A Complete Telematics Solution

OnCommand® Connection transforms vehicle data into critical insights that help drive greater uptime and reduce cost of ownership.


Built on the same proven foundation as the diesel International® MV™ Series, the eMV brings even more to the table thanks to an electric powertrain with new capabilities, new savings, and, most importantly, new opportunities.

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