Commercial Truck Leasing and the Benefits of Telematics

Commercial truck leasing in Texas is simple and uncomplicated when you come to Kyrish Truck Centers. We show you just how easy leasing a truck or an entire fleet is with Idealease. In fact, you have several important benefits like telematics, and here is more about this service.

What is Telematics?

Telematics is a communication system capable of transmitting data over long distances. In fleet management, telematics uses GPS and computer technology to give you important data on all your trucks. At Kyrish Truck Centers, we offer CyntrX fleet tracking with our commercial truck leasing services in Texas, and it connects to a remote diagnostic center called OnCommand from Navistar. It allows you to check your fleet through a customer portal.

CyntrX has years of successful service behind it. In fact, it started 15 years ago and provided real-time GPS tracking information on your trucks. Here are some of the good things it has to offer:

  • See speed, direction of travel, and exact location of all your trucks
  • Arrival and departure alerts
  • Fuel usage analysis to get better fuel mileage
  • See speed, direction of travel, and exact location of all your trucks
  • Fuel tank info lets you know how much fuel is left in the tank
  • Fuel tax calculator eliminates human error
  • Monitor driver activity like shifting, idling, and cruising
  • Inspection reports

Why Monitor Your Fleet?

With high-tech fleet monitoring, you can keep track of your trucks and help them avoid problems down the road. For example, when a driver takes an alternate route he can avoid a road construction or other sources of traffic jams. This saves time and fuel. Route planning is more effective when you can make last-minute changes for efficiency.

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